My history teacher loved 3 thing’s, it seemed.

Nûrėmbürg Uno, he loved Baseball; he was the coach. Copenhagen©️, Red Man🤠, Skoal®️, the whole enchilada on a 9–Yard touchdown, he definitely walked the heybatt’ahBath’ah talk.

10.00 Central NATO Times

Number Däs LIED der Donald dos, he literally worshiped John Wayne, he spoke in that slow “why are wrist watches so expensive commercials—so EYE started a ‘watch company’ ”, drawl, y’all.

Estratosféricamente ilustrando el mandato de DonALd John Trump.

… Dear, FIP: you are forgetting to mix the Pig in the agenda. You can’t get to Le Journal de Dimanche without ‘Elton’s fightin’. Consider this a Public Service Announcement. Ye Bus en PRI.

Where’s Tuesday‽ TUESDAY’s GONE!!!!!!!!!! — Don’t worry, Mme., “EYE started a Watch Company”, our team of Deutsch–es-es will find your prescious Tuesday, if that is her real name, La Rumorosa dice que más bien es Marte.

Did Eye get that right, Mme? —“Just the facts.”

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