***Oh, oh-BOLARSANO — Los Chicharitos Negros won’t Stop

Check it Out’§

*** BerimBau

Sergio won’t stop unti’l he shows Fergie how to dance La Bossa Nova.

Tristeza… another way to sing La_la_la–La– LA LA LA LA _ lah lah… etc., etc., ETC. ———- NEXT on TeleVisa DEPORTES: THE JOKER, starring “People Keep Talking About Me, they say I’m Doin’ Ewe Wrong.”

Veinte para las Cuatro de la tarde en Par[]s (dos iglesias — en la mano de) Francia.

And just as El Carnaval was gettin’ ready to open up way ahead schedule, which is on a Wednesday at Ash’s place, Eugénè Robinson goes:
Now this, MotherFucker, is what the Bossa Nova Sounds and Smells Like.

16 hundred hours in
Central NATO Times

Mientras tanto a Chez Eugenio de La Cruz en el 6eme:


Oh Carolina… la peniche, Caro, la peniche.

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