Day 4, 2019… oh, Boy. He’s got minionSS now.

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, caught you in between streams.

Three—FeeThee, per Dozen.  — Relevos Australianos. Lucha Triple “A”… sadly, the Letter ‘a’ was once tarnished by the letter ‘H’ en alemán. Pero en Español, Raquelito, la letra “A” es puro AMOR en ROMA… ask any Siren Around this bitch.

So this is where the Executive Contraportada de la Rayuela [context for the Agorafóbicos de La Jornada en la UNAM follows… deja nomas pasar de Balard a Balderas pa’ver que pedo con ese envío] is at, eh.

Eye’m so pretty, said Sam Stein, and Animal goes: Roll – Crash.

Veinte para la Una de la mañana. En la BBC es media noche.

Focus Picpus at Hocus Pocus Hip–Hop Shop.

Enter Number Five, Said the Count. And Number Five said:
The Senate is not a Subsidiaré of Donald Trump. And everyone at THE Forum was brought to his or her feet.

Veinte pasadas las once de la mañana, Cité. 75004. Rm. 1509. “Il y a 3 personne(s) en attente”.

Five to Fo’-in-Da_mornin’ in CET and in Washington; The El Ey motherfucking TIMES —motherfucker, is TypeCasting 2019 as the worst Year in the 7th Grade of Rachel Maddow’s school Daze… or something like that at the Oh—Donald Clan.

… in-transit—wait one.

At the West section opener of Route 66 (Jon Scofield) it’s 19.00 hours in PST It’s Showtime at the Hollywood Bowl, bitch.

Pertty soon, maybe by Valentine’s Day Massacre, the staff of this most inconsequential blog can LIVE again. And only stay up All Night for one–Corrupt President at a time. Oh Happy DAYS. Oh happy gilmore, get yo’ass on Stage, Chubbs please stand–by for CONGRESS.

It’s the 11th Hour at The Rockefeller William’s and yes, Cousin Joe, BriWhy is still sporting an AFRO…. AnD an L.A. Lakers (Yellow) New Jersey.

And Mitt Romney goes:
Ewe know, RAZA,
Eye am Mormon, Yes, but,
and it’s a big butt!!!
Eye Am What Eye Am
Eye Am A Mexican Citizen
My daddy, he said, made me
in Chihuahuia State.
Adding: 1 and 1… and ONE IS 3
and the Lakers son Laguneros de Michigan en La Comarca Lagunera. Ask any Mormon en San José de Las Panochas, Municipio de La Zona del Silencio—Y’all!

Look who’s talking 2, Starring:

Cousin Joe, Starts Right Now.

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