Day 4, 2019 — Ni Vencidas Ni Over The Top

TimeStamp: 19.00 hours

Juego de ni ni os.

at Chez Magnolia (overDrive)
in 18–WHEELER CBR squelch–talk.

How to Draw first Blood en Portugués:

Los ne-nes con los necios y dejad que las ne–nas se acerquén a mi–Fa—SOL-—LA—— SIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….iiiii…iiiii——-iiiiiiiii.IIIIIIIIIIIIII….iiiiiii —Ga—Ro. Figaro.

and if Ewe’all can’t tell that this here is the voice of Lincoln Hawk (you should hear the Mrs. Talk) then Siren, Get yo’motherFunKin’ Titles Straight, beef–O’ Apollo YoungBlood gets in the Ring.

”They Drew first Blood Mr. Barrymore”
Coming Soon to a Cochonerie
near you.

Anygüey hoy no hubo noticias, but Miles was kind enough to turn into a werewolf and went shead and ‘bopped’ all over Cindy’s TimeStamp and bring news from the Sirens, —Tais toi ! eh‽

—en Brasil—

23.00 CET — Eye can see for Miles. How do you say MIRANDA in French? The Answer in a few. So do stick around.

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