Day 3 — 1st Period: JOURNO 101

TimeStamp: 10.20

Are your princesses_es_esas ON good Bikes?
La Jornada en la UNAM dice que doña Saade y sus periodistas son “La SOCIEDAD en el Espejo de Las Princesas”, bien; Let’s Take a Ride to doña Vilma et Jacques–es–es (with a CQ, not a K, folks) “barrio chiquito”… the minions there speak–eh–Da’Latin… pig latin this year, it seems. And they are AGORAFóBICOS con garrote los muy putos. |—| Veinte para las Doce en CET. Tres Horas ‘Till the Start of a New Session: CHINA. Yes, motherfuckers, CHINA!!! Can you Chinks tell us what the “Dark Side of the Moon” looks Like?

The Inverted Pyramid
Room: Le ol’PAD de Mme. Tallien
Maistros: Los Traidores del Cascabel
Cr. Hrs.: A life time.

Final Slash!!!
Everything at Burlinghton Coat Factory must be Extinct!!!
Buy one GET the entire litter for FREE.

… and of course,
all Ewe nice folks in the Spectrum
will understand that this dialog is read in accordance to the Rules Established by the Slim Pickens Foundation.
The Slim Pickens Foundation
The Blazin’ Saddles Protocol of CYAN
approve this message.

Public Service Announcement:

Good golly! Sam Stein, you’re Ugly.


It’s the middle of the First on Opening Day at the House that Pelosi rhules.

Pre-Game Joe at Twenty to One in Central NATO Times.

Technical doppelgänger.
Next, on Meat The Presse
with Chuck Todd.

En Fin… the show is on.

With reservations, here’s a snapshot of things to come.

It’s 3.20 y’all.

Next, on “The Rock Ridge Files”, starring the Maverick that Donald Trump wishes to be.

But seriously, Yuri Buenaventura, usted conoce los escenarios de Ciudad Juárez; entonces pues bato, en vez de ‘palos’ mejor dispare unos ‘Cueritos’ au pied du Cochon. Anygüey, Yuri, el Pig Latin no’es más que otra cuerda para las “llamadas” trompas de Saint-Eustache que conectan a los de la Papillion con las de los Koblenz…

19 hrs.: Comunicación Extra Sensasorial
Room: Powder Sports
Profe: Cyrano de Bergnac.


Saludos a la Banda: 18.00 in Central NATO (Colombian off-set) Times.

18.20… there you go again, Gordo*, with your « history will teach us nothing »… NICE TRY COP!!! Aren’t you and your squad of PIGS who promoted « I’ll Bee Watching, Ewe », ha!!! Caught the reel—pork in the room.

Jazz Follows.

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