Day 2, 2019 — Her day just would’t bee right

You’ve just heard Big “H” little 2–Oh Baby, and right before DAT, Aretha was putting her make-up on; her dress, ohhhhh her dress!!! Right on target for a Girl Watcher on the Advanced Ornithology class roster.

After mid-nite… we’re gonna scream jump and Shout.
At the BaseMent, where there is no neighbor below.
Oh, hey —BullDog, how’s Your master: Mornin’ Star.
Lada, di, Dali, La. •-_!_-• It’s 1 am in Central Siren Den.

Whi [the staff] don’t pray, but if Oüî evah did, —go Crazy and— say a little prayer: it would be fo’you.

—No me mires, no me mires, no me nomemires.
Mecano (Localement Agité)
au 33, and of course, Siren, for any of this to make sense, one must know what Crystal Waters (not Crystal Pepsi) looks like without any S•H•A•D•E.

”Un espejo de crystal (y acero) y mírate.”


3 am CET.

Coming up after Phat Albert’s Halls it’s:
LUCHA LIBRE in the Key of
CATCH (motherfucker).
Raquel “La Cavernaria QueLinda” Welch
apuesta su máscara
(… y luego si quiere,
el sujetador)
contra el chichero del’avaro patrio.

But first

Yo’ O.J.!
Got any Milk up in this bitch?


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