It’s High–noonan — 2018

¿Qué hacer?

it’s Day Zero of the Trump Shitdown. A partir de mañana es el Primer Día del Resto de los IMPEACHMENTS DE DONALD TRUMP.

Let’s find out…

de arranque,
el cine francés,
el mejor portado, según
FIP and the pom–pon girls.


Abuso de Confianza
Los Boludos de Lugones

In a World, where you a can Imagine anything. Eli Wallach plays the role of our Daily Beast, the one and Ugly, Sam Stein.

Opening Shot.

Sam Stein is stomping up and down the wooden stage of El Rex (un cine aperjumado) en Buenos Aires. Stein, was furious on account of the snafu that put his ass on the set of a 1950’s Argentine meloMegasuperMagnoDramatic churro about a young woman named Concepción who uses her family acquaintances, and connections to get what she wants or, more often than not, to get out of a sticky fingers jam.

[film promotional material goes here].

Concepción, or “Conchita” rings up her mom Dolores, or doña “Lola”, an eccentric artist who lives in a small town synonymous with “chickens” in the same way that horses are synonymous with the Slaughterhouses of any Kentucky fried poultry.

Stein reaches for his cel phone, instead he pulls out a pocket watch, and it’s 17:40 in Central NATO Times.

Un pelotón de Gauchos in The Making of BOLUDO.


The Frogs Won The World Cup, and in Syria, THE TURKS reveal where the French Forces are positioned in that hell of a hole in the world.

Mean, while Trump is Vladimir Putin’s main bitch, Russian television tries out a pilot of the Hit Television Series “ get spy”.


Vladimir Putin charges some yank with charges of being a spy. Hilarity ensues when Donald Trump knocks  at Putins interrogation room and the 45th President of The United States of America  goes:


… while sporting an afro, —oh, but yes.

Meanwhile, back at the Rex, Sam Stein is wondering why in the heck is he looking like a New York dandy dude (picture Stein as the 90210 actor that was “star struck” with the thespian actor that played a thespian actor on that movie set).

All of a sudden, Conchita notices that Alice, a sadomasochist trapeze wonder was playing her Saxophone with some other freq’s, and conchita screams out of her lungs:


… y ya ve usted mi General,
como el méndigo loquillo n’mas se atasca
los audifonos en la fabrica de Ear Wax–es–ese y hasta el mundo se puede estar Apo•Cal•IPS•ando y a ese pinche pájaro le vale pito lo que diga, le pase, o le deje de pasar al tal “Mundo”. El pájaro sigue Armando Hoyos, (y no agujeros) como el güey de Televisa.

ISSY, méndiga Concha no’mas Gritaba:


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