Hoy diseccionamos una gata bajo la lluvia

lNo se vaya… deteniendo.

Julia Roberts… with all due respect. •—_!_—• En la seccion de turismo: VUELOS GRATIS PARA “figuras del Partido Acción Nacional”, llame ahora y reciba Hospedaje GRATIS en el Hotel California: such a lovely Place. Cats and Cynics… and Dogs Welcome.

And later on the Beat with Ari Melver, he shows us the Mystery with all the crazy angles that the camera person is taking today, ghee whizz man, when the Cat is away for Chritmas break, the mice will re-frame the currency of that field of view, eh.

UnGatTwoMadre”,  o en su defecto, “Pelos de Gato Bodegereau. These two “optional” Call Signs may be used to bring Air Force One into the IMPEACHEMENT runway at Reagan International Airport.

What’s up with all the “crazy” PANning. Go easy on the PANnig, people are smoking marihuana while watching your show, man. Go easy on the PANning, por el amor de dios. But seriously, free flights for high-ranking PAN officials. Fly now, it’s free. Heck Call now and we’ll book your party on the next Hindenburg [Zepplin goes here].

Mientras tanto en Chiapas:

… en Chiapas no pasa NADA.

Anygüey, Joy…

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