Breaking the News in Three Minutes.

Stop the PRESSES–es–Ese!!!

Happening now: The Call from Cabo Wabo.

Jazmin V is on right now.

… another one lost an Eye, another one lost an Eye. Eh, eh. Another one lost an Eye, eh—Eh, eh—eh, eh—He, he he. —_!_—  Get the number one hit of Vanilla Ice resurrection in Russia Single. This song has a different skip than Queen’s « Another one bites the dust ». This “original” Vanilla Ice “rap” song is Ministry approved in Putin’s Russia. Visit: Vanilla Ice dot com, for Eye Scream–ah, Ewe Scream–ah, Oüî ALL SCREAM fo’ Ice Crèma.

But first. That Sullivan guy just reported that one of the Talking Heads is Burning down The House… while partying in Cabo Wabo… oh, the motherfucking, —Humanity! Said, Eugene Robinson.

All right, move it along! Move it–move it—MOVE IT!!! Nothing to see here; it’s just a blind Alabama boy burning down the house. “Boom babies”, strange, but not a stranger to “Ordinary” fella’s…
Time for jumping overboard? Said the True Scotsman. Wait—One, “wait ´till the Party is Over”.
“No visible means of support and you have not seen nothin’ yet“… and the Last [in] Line of this little Ditty is, incendiary phosphorous; to say the least.
It definitely « Stuck together » well.

Mika is off today, she is doing PJ Christmas with the BritBox crowd.

O, U 8 1 2 ?… mentirosa, el Mezcal es de Oaxaca; lo que te dejaste caer era Sotól o, Te–s’Wyno.

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