Up an at’em… it’s the 11th hour

Oh, hey, Jasmin V, sorry about the editorial mess from the Night Before, things go Crazy around this bitch we call Central NATO Times when The Turkey’s run the murder investigations and The Russians hold the Press hostage in the Language of the Greatest Kubric film that he Never cut. Napoleon is Invisible now… Wait, that’s not right; Napoléon is an Invalid en el Champs de Mars, now. Starring, “Fucking, Matt Damon”. BIEN SÜR, al instant.

Ya me•dio comezón… MARCEL–eau!!!

Previously, on Bumblebee:
our hero had broken into a Crazy human universe were the DeceptiCon’s had been causing havoc on the Only good thing about the Greeks, THE REPUBLIC and Democracy.

Now, while drinking coffee and powdered Nido®️ at MI–6 HHC siege, Fry (CANTAB) overheared that Semolina Pilchard, an ex–Beatle ornament on a Magical Tour de France bus and, a former flic with the Royal Guard, said that the portal to Jump between freq’s and make it into The Globe, were The New and Stale Newspaper Stands… scratch that with Doom dear Luc, because those metal hunks with Yellow Eyes are more in the neighborhood of a magazine rack. Just Sayin’, Brontis… just sayin’ what Eye see with my very own Jeepers Creepers here in PANAME baby, don’t get your formularies all—up in ah—Cyrillic•bunch.

Well will You lookool at The Central NATO Times… it’s been a hard day’s night… and  that Axios guy, nice Chain, dawg.

Coming up on The Axios minute: Centaur spotted in France, musical guest: los quinquenios de Tin Tan, Playing their Number One Macanazo: Quiero Ráscarme aquí. (en Francia).

It’s High—NOONAN, Joe.




Man, look at the time, said
The Original Alabama “blind boy ».
Are those Red Spectacles that you are wearing?
Asked the beatles–es—ese.
To which Kasie DC le contestó, “You Betcha ».

Gremlins jeep … keep fucking our shit up. It’s 16:20 in Central Siren Time.

It’s 3 pm in Paris and Oüi [the staff] are burned, not burned out.

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