Next on the Purple Pundit’s MindScape: a first on American Media

It’s the 7th–hour stretch.

From the DTPL*: The President Trump’s Art of the Dealer, a biopic opera in Reel–Time.

”This is what it sounds like,” when Air Force One goes ROUGE.

* The Donald Trump
Presidential Library
… at Fort Levenworth.

This is what it sounds like when the president of the United States of America goes full–Steven Segal.

At the bottom of the 6th–hour Donald Trump has taken a gavel and broken a glass.

And still to come, the most unprecedented moment on American Media. It’s a true Festevus miracle, but first, the question in Cousin Joe’s mind that everyone en el panal wants answered.

Time Now: 23.00 CET

02 hundred hours CET
Saturday, December 21st 2018

Yesterday in the programming,
“Willie and the po’boys”
wanted to know from Cousin Joe
what shade of Spectacles was
Kasie DC sporting, all over el WaPo’s
territory, in the past few days.


… Context follows, right now, at the top of the 3rd, according to TRMS, there is a really pressing issue, an issue so important that people, —sheeple— are working on a Friday night, —on a Christmas holiday weekend, to try to solve it, but it’s really just playing Jazz Cello Music to the BEAT OF organized political grab–ass.

The Great Cheese Shutdown of 2018… it’s like the « Great Spaghetti Incident” and the Chinese Democracy let down.

Right now we are heading into the Bottomless pit of the 2nd in what seems to be a very ackward awkward win for the Trump White House, especially after Donald Trump invited the Make America Fascist [movement] Again to the shutdown Spectacle with the expectation that the cover charge to see “The Wall », was to be “free of charge ».

Right now, La Casa Blanca de Trump looks like a TicketMaster™️ and a scalping scam operation working together to squeeze you U.S. of our processed American cheese in a mousse bottle.

Going faster than a Holly Roller Coaster… and baby, you Still Look like Buddy Holly, if you put Yo’Spectacles on. Actual Free Jack Time is VEINTE PARA LAD CUATRO EN CENTRAL siren Times.

And no, motherfuckers, Mexico is not paying for your god–damned stupid wall. Merry Chrstmas. C U maña–NAh—2 they.

It’s 3pm… à Montmartre, The Rage just kept the Eight–hour of Trump’s Cheesy Shutdown in Check on the Kornaki’s butcher boards.

HAPPY holy—molly days

Still to come, the most unprecedented moment in American Media. Joy for all y’all!

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