La peregrinación por Ntra. ‘Ñora de Hayek

3.20 at Mandela’s Garden in Pâris…

This is a frame in Progress… in Central Europe it’s 4 o’Clock and at Katy Kay’s HHQ’s it’s 3 p.m.

I (heart) Serge…
sans oublier

There is no such thing as an
but if there was, an aquaman,
that fucker would wear green & yellow
and he’d be a Sea Horse,
not from Hawaii, Bro.

[Sea horse goes here]

There is no such thing as a fish… big fish, meet Orca. Orca is on the brink of extinción. Enjoy your TUNA bumblebee.

Later in the programming:
How to fold your own,
Le Sous–Marin de papel.
Starring: El Mundo de Le Monde.

[paper sub, Courtesy of Møtus para el moto, goes here]

Issy, Ringo, — dice Doc Holiday:
I also like to Bee under the sea.

La tira— LA Tira… a las 17.15 horas, tiempo del Centro, los granaderos y los chalecos bailan un vals afuera de la Biblioteca.

Veinte para las Cuatro
en Face à
Ntra. ‘Ñora de Hayek *

Next on COPS. The French edition, expliquée par Le Paint… ISSY, la pintura, bien puede ser fémina en ROMA pero al igual que La Sphinx, the very French changed the Gender and called it l’enigme du Sphinx. Page 169, La Mythologie de Gerard DenizEAU… from Larousse (2017).

Veinte para las seis à Luc des Lombards, catch Ewe at the top of the Hour for a Jazzcapade.

But first: how’bout some Satanic Cocks?

… to which Jack replies:
are there any other kind of Cocks?

Coming up at Siren Central:

ABOUT LAST NIGHT… a la mode de La Moinnaie don’t let Money fool you.

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