After midnight with some Ye Ye guy

After midnite
You can Keep your palomitas.
Right now, right now, —Serge…
right now it’s time for some
Cacahuates Japoneses y la música
Los MotoKaKa’s

La almeja en La Perla is Missing in Action. Time Now: 10.00 hours in Central Siren Times

La Quinta Avenida en París, follows from La Rue de Four en la Coccinelle de Christofle—chocando con La Perla; contra esquina con una tal Canadienne… Invalides is a straight shot up Grenelle.

Coming IP…MAN (Baby you’re so Square) I DON T Car [my DRIVE] and Eye just wanna BEE yo’GUILLERMO DEL TORO__ Teddy Bear.

Heidi meet Remi. Remi, hide that fucking monkee… it’s 11 o’Clock y’all.

i’m ah–Gonna need a Bigger Piano.
This red motherfucker (fip)
remains the same:
This piano remains Ivre.

Oh, Baby… on a Coney Island
Lou sends his regards
Penelope, this intimissimi
is for you.
almost 10.20 in Central Siren Time
on ah—British Box timeline, of course.

La Esperanza en El Dorado… esto, Sweet Siren es una ofrenda para tu Pescado de Oyuki. Love: [The Staff] wishing to eat from your imaginary Bento Box…

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