God damn right… hoy no hubo noticias, en Sociedad

Une pensée par Journe… 20 past the 11th hour in Central Europe Time.

Ladies in Gemeni this song comes in Three Acts in a horizontal plane of a Vertical Tale. John Lennon is praising the King in Memphis right Now… Les boissons son de a grapa para les poissons. *Restrictions Apply.

It’s a beautiful day… rien a re…dire, or is there!?

High-Noon with Jon Meacham… and yes: Katty Kay.

We now return to our regular programming.

On the previous parallel our hero, Yellow Jacket, was sucked into a primitive bi-ped civilization, where the color Yellow had been taken hostage por una bandada de piolines.

Previously on Yellow Jacket. —_!_—  Veinte para la Una.


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