!Ponche y palomitas gratis, para ver a París en Los Pinos¡¡¡


El Jonrón de Libération en Espagnol. La Jornada picha los frajos.

México ya no comienza sus titulares con los signos exclamativos —Puntos pa’rriba… las patas siguen igual, pero los puntos de admiración como si fuese Versailles después de la Toma del Circuito de La Bastilla.

14.20 in Marlboro Time
GodDamn It!
Trying to make it Real
Compared to a box of
Lucky Strikes y tres kilos de mota.

Ladies in Gemeni:

Now playing at rue Chapo… [transmission cut] all Quiet at Gaumont’s big O, little pera… for those in the know, This is not, the bossa nova.

Meet  Les  Beetles.
Album: Le Chemin de L’abbaye

Veinte después de las tres de la tarde en CET.

Right now on channel 105,
Cat Power is sponsoring a
Make Mushrooms Great Again event
The MMGA is short for, ewe guessed it,
Make Mushrooms Great Again
and still to come.
I’ve got the world on a string… or something like that.

Vitrine en course.

It’s 4 o’Clock… The Herborist is falling in love 4 falling in love, love.

Veinte para las cinco en Siren Central Time
Burrell is Swinging and the Children are headed over to General Lafayette’s place, casi espaldas con Garnier.

!Más ponche pinche Peje¡¡¡ — Photo Retouche by SegoviasPixes… copy–Left and all that Good Classical Jazz.

Happening now, “Hell on Wheels”, or is it “Wheels on fire?”, Helen asked.

Five O’nine: it’s 1970

Ewe got perssuation… here take my hat, Baby it’s cold outside.

Sea cabo…or is it, wait¡


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