Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, it’s media después de la hora de la milonga

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InSPEC 112018
Time budget: toda una vida
TimeSlot: Nostalgia.
Host: Jorge Saldaña
Invitados especiales: las sirenas y las esposas.
Teloneros: La Julia y los gendarmes.
Location: un Oasis en la pampa argentina.

… later at the 9 o’Clock hour in Buenos Aires times, it’s Eugene Robinson, with: That’s not really the Bossa–Nova

In this episode, Donald Trump sells “trump branded” frozen steaks to Mr. Macri, hilarity ensues when world leaders drive their Argentinean hosts at the G–20 to avoid putting them in the same breathing space… meanwhile, across the  Andes Trump renames “the” NAFTA deal. Katty Kay has Buzzfeed’s details.

“Not on my watch”, dice AMLO a canciller aprendíz: Tiene usted 26 horas para cerrar ese acuerdo; sentenc el patrón de la esposa de John Mill Ackerman. €¥£&$—-—~~~,,,\*> Mean, while Trump is in La Argentina, John Bolton insisted that the colors of the countdown to La Cuarta be done in The Red/White/Blue pattern… president Macron, being Jupiter, and all… flipped the scheme of said colors to match his trusas.

Happening right now at the Brit box, Donald Trump presides over the Last Day in office of Enrique Peña Nieto, Invitado especial, Justin Tee de Ca•Na•Da. ad náuseam occurs when the three podiums for the ceremony reminds The World, quién manda en Las Malvinas.

Coming up after the 14.20 hour break, Agent Angle is live inside the main intestine y desde allí mero, pibe, nos explica como funciona la escatología por ese sector… de amarre, para acompañar a las patatas bravas de Fco. Franco, recortamos un Chile.

Así se mueve La Mierda”, by Agent Angle… in Bibliotecas « Here, there and everywhere ».

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