Relance: Last Call for papers. Una Comedia de Enredos

Swedish sirens, do it.

We [the staff] don’t select the mermaids, we just hear’em as they surface.

Dicho de otra manera, la única forma de dejar una huella de tiempo como prueba de que el evento se hace en vivo, mi querida Marianna, pues se hace por medio de tus medios públicos. Lo mismo se hace con, en ese mismo sentido, con el ganado de los msnbc, por poner un ejemplo.


If we [the staff], would carry with us the legal authority to StampMark each of one of the entries on this blog, we would most certainly DO IT.

We [the staff] would. It only takes one or three seconds to type, “TimeStamp: yada–yada_sinefeld,” but there’s no rush in that.

So instead we screen–grab the fip out of the Sirens, and Zig–Zag™️ the themes and references into a synchronized silent dialog with specific echos from the transcrips in each frame. Try Timing that in real time.


For the record, and in the interest of being as transparent as possible, it’s the 23 hundred hours of the day. It’s 1 day, 17 hours, and 00 minutes until the countdown for the first Sunday in 2024 begins to grow into a memory with every click on that clock and, when the next president of Mexico will be furnished with a Report Card for his intrepid and populist attempt to transform the land of Tunas, o como les dicen los francececes al producto de la penca del nópal: hijo de la barbaridad Higo de la barbaridad; y no “hijo de la barbaridad”, porque eso es otra cosa y en ese guión todavía falta convencer a Salma Hayek para que se ponga las prendas de “la chingada”, o sea la verdadera Madre de todos los mexicanos, cuál trinche Virgen de Guadalupe ni que Ocho Cuartos.

Entonces pues, Salma, the following screen-grab contains an official notice from the Préfecture de Police in Paris, asking the writer[s] of this most inconsequential blog about the status of a Catch–22–like process that started with the proposition of gathering interviews and real–time news data about the Sexenio (six–year term in office) of the winner of the 2012 Mexican Election —and, this is a very important element of the story, — as viewed from abroad.

“Hay quienes ven esto como un Vaso medio Vacio, pero también hay quienes lo ven como un Vaso medio Lleno. Verlo así, es pensar, —joven”. El Heraldo de México.

Do you Marianne, know where Enrique Peña Nieto’s ( the winner of the 2012 election) expectations went, and especially with regards to the re-booting of The Year Of Mexico in France? Los Amigos de México en Francia, should… o mismo:

🎵 Sing it again. Let’s all get up and dance to a SON that was a hit before Your mother (Morena–Francia) was born… do Ewe recognize the lyrics? These might help: 🎺🎶 Ay–Ay ¡Ay— HAY!!! Canta y no llores, porque cantando se Alegra Cielito Lindo —“el pueblo bueno”.



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