12:09 CET… NewsFlash… with all them ese’s

ISSY, Miss Hyde is going to be sippi with whatever it is that people drink in Mississippi.

According to The Rage over at peacock central, casi esquina con La Avenida de Las Americas (sin acento), there are not enough suburban voters in Mississippi, and that is the reason that the final result of the last run-off of the 2018 verguiza on trumpism, favored the Republican party instead of the democratic ticket.

Anygüey, with all them, —what’s the plural form for the letter ‘S’, ese?, en fin, no importa —lo que importa es de que con todasesas ‘eses’ en la nomenclatura de Mississippi no se haga una Suburban, sin embargo, expertoscercanos a los dos Eyes ( o sea los pp’s) de ese mismo estado afirman que si los ‘herederos del Señor de la plantación’ ganaron esa elección, lo hiceron gracias a que en el orden de la lista

la ‘ese’ de se•ño•ra•ge, tiene que dejar atrás el sen•der•is•mo sen•ti•men•tal de los se•pa•ra•tis•tas de Antebellum… ay’n el momento menos pensado de lo ses•ga•do SE va a llegar a su•burb•ia,

en dónde según nos cuenta Steve Kornaki, allí mero “se dan los democratas”.

medias libération, petites annonces…
etc., etc., etcetera.

… pssst’, hey you.
Yeah you, with the Waterloo Sunset look in your face.
La porte está abierta. Step right in and suit up in a full NutCracker uniform to re-create our great leader’s Inauguration.

Step right in. El espacio está abierto… 🎵 your daddy’s rich and your ma‘ (Thorton) is good-lookin… }-—-~~~\,,,*>  SPEC PC 101
Client: Ici Pub Mama Thorton
Location: Vintage de la rue de Ravioli

Perhaps the Mad hatter* could interest you in one of our latest arrivals, the Androgynous line of kick–ass casual coats from The Lazarus Man brand.

Even Stevie can see that Bolton is full of shit… and yes, Stevie, wonders how this motherfuckers got into power? He really, really wonders.

* hey, it’s International put your fucking Make Mushrooms Great Again hat week!!!)

TimeStamp: 20 para las Cuatro at Wolf Central on the Soprano’s Underground Garage. Stick Around, Jazz Macarons and Jupiter come down to Eart.

At the movies:

A special MxMás Edition of:
Eye saw Bonnie kissing a Disco Ball
The Scream That Would Not DIE!!!
Only in Arabic.

… do Ewe believe in Magik? Dial Black.

17.13 in CET: Zimmerman is Serving the Lord Commander…or someone with that kind of Rank in the Files at Billboard.

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