Frequency hop: Good Morning, America sleep well.

It’s oh—about Six_hundred hours
in Pleasure
in Paradise City.

Ryders in The Sky, follow… Water baby, should be falling right now, Patience; just a little patience.

Oh, The Humani…tarian crisis in the richest part of Silicon Valley… SILLYcon VAL–eh…
those poor–poor VENTure CAPitalists forced to wear masks.

The good thing about the U.S. of A. is that there are no “yellow vests” on site, only “Clean Coal” Smokin’ Tuxedos and fashionable top-hats; like the one Slash wears when axing that exotic —and endangered— natural resource, which Mr. Gibson, calls a GUITar.

Sealed like a sealed mason jar.

RAKE follows…
in Central Europe it’s
VeinTe para las SÍeté Veinte para las 9
por las mañanas de La EuropA Central.

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