Any güey, right now it’s Schtroumpfissime, with John Scofield

Schtroumpfissime, or “King of Belgium” sets us tonight on a “local road” called Route 66… we [the staff] by–the-güey were born along one of its pit stops.

Sent for Ewe Yesterday
and here comes Muller instead.

Anygüey, coming up on the programming:
It’s the Evolution of Schtroumpfissime as he goes from Trust Fund Baby, to King of “the deal” and Reality TV host, and all the way to the confines of a Federal state–runned penitentiary where our “king” becomes a line cook in jail…  yes, Donald, the “king” goes to jail. Sad story, really…. anygüey, Make Mushrooms Great Again and sorry for all of the dangling participles; in any case, don’t try to adjust your settings.


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