When in Rome, act French… It’s 05 Hundred Hours in CET

Since I’ve been lovin’ Ewe
[Zeppelin Goes Here]
America do Norte
Seu Jorge

TimeStamp: Tomorrow Never Knows
15 para las 7 de la mañana Via Domitia Time

… Previously on the programming we [the staff] covered the first step in rounding up your very own Armada, and today we pick up the pieces where Polybius left off 1️⃣… in Montpellier, of course.

There’s no need to reinvent the oar, así que órale, let’s get this row going. Navigate to this WikiHow and do like the Roman Navy… reverse engineer your enemies IKEA-like instructions on how to build a boat.

El Coloso y Lady Liberty

Yup, en este eje la Vía Domitia no termina en Girona. En este plano La Vía Domitia navega Plus Ultra, mucho más allá de Los Pilares de Hercules hasta llegar al otro lado del Atlantico con un tal John Adams, padre de Quincy, o algo asi.

… this is a frame in progress.

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