How to make an aeroplane — Step No. 6

TimeStamp: 18 hundred hours in Central Zombie Den…
O como dicen Las Sirenas:
“Laissez vous envoûter”

… ISSY, drones follow.

Step 6.

If your message is front and center on what will be the underbelly of your plane, then by all means, Fold your plane in a vertical fashion, —in half.

Para llegar a República, siga a el tres. •—_¡_—•  TimeStamp: 19.18… for “The Imperialist War Circus,” « The Show Must Go On ». •_¡_•  Cien Años: 1918 – 2018.

Then, go ahead and grab the letters “F” and “A” by the word MANIFESTATION, as if each letter represented one of Donaldo’s J. Trump little balls.

Go ahead, squeeze those little fuckers *together. Squeeze ‘em hard, and come Nov. 6, 2018 let this voodoo, via the mid term ballot boxes, squeeze all of the neo nazi loving “American Republicans” with ties to Austrian extreme right institutionalized hooligans, out of office.

The Nerve of this guy, ¿qué poca…, eh!?

… TimeStamp: 20.00 in Central Europe Time


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