Mean while in Pittsburgh, Trump…

How to make a paper aeroplane.

Step 1.
Find the media (paper).

Entonces pues, morena, we [the staff] are not going to suggest which media to fold, we’ll leave that up to you. Igual, la hoja puede ser un saldo de pago a telcel®️.

Entonces, “como dicen los franceçes”, donc; pasamos al primer pliego sin enfocarnos con el contenido o con el tema del material.

The plan

Step 2.

Now for the next fold pay attention, this is no time for siesta.
• Flip the media (o sea, el papel).

for orientation purposes keep the document with its header up, it will line up nicely and it will be legible on the paper plane, this is important, unless of course you are going for that “police” on a rear–view mirror effect and wish that the sheeple read that motherfuck’n bird backwards.

Step 3.

The following fold is arbitrary because it may line up or down between the .25 or .75 horizontal percentage lines of the media (again, the fucking paper).

Snapped shroom shaped penis cloud.

In our execution, por ejemplo, Raquelito, we [the staff] lifted the flyer towards a light source and noticed that with one fold we could snap the neck (right about Adam’s Apple height) of the MushRoom shaped cloud. Coincidentally, the flipside of that neck snapping action is an imaginary line that runs exactly below the Second paraghraph, where it reads that, “it’s the war against everybody [or something like that]. He has perpetrated way too many crimes agaist women.

(… please excuse the delay and the dangling participles. We have just experienced technical difficulties.)

In New York it’s a quarter to the eleventh hour…

Step 4… Timestamp 03.45 CET

Flip the Media. the underbelly of the fuselage and the wings should be displayed, así más o menos.

Your message here.

Step 5.

If you are reading this in a Brian Williams voice give yourself a palm in the back. Anygüey, the next step is always a tricky one. Your task, should you wish to proceed is to bring the tips of the top left and right corners of your paper together. It doesn’t matter which side you decide to fold first…

Folding is for demonstrative purposes only.

however, If you do manage to bring those two tips together you should be able to notice a nice triangle appearing before you.

Tactical T.O.C… 31/10/2018.

… right now we [the staff] switch it over to Pagan Central because the sweet tooth industrial complex has officially conquered Lutece’s banks (on both sides of the River).

We will continue with the folding instructions in reel—time tonight (Oct. 31st) from the Job Exchange at République.

In the meantime here’s a lottery number receipt to close up the month of October with a nice “Class Six” purchase order.

Año Cero, décimo mes… el día no importa, igual pudo haber sido martes 13, or Friday the 13th.

TimeStamp: 06.30 hrs in CET

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