Trumpism is the real Breeder — The Boys are back in Brazil

BBC News Mundo:
00.00 Hrs. CET
Las previsiones se cumplieron: Jair Bolsonaro es el nuevo presidente electo de Brasil.
Bolsonaro asumirá el cargo el 1 de enero de 2019.

Dear Kasie DC,
Does Sam Stein speak Portuguese?


It’s Misread Quotes from The Very Soul of América,
with Special guest, “el AmigoVicente Fox Quesada.

TimeStamp: 11.20 CET and in Houston Tejas we just passed the 06.50 in the a.m… via Khruangbin, CON TODO EL MUNDO.

Vicente Fox:
— ¡You Eat and Leave!

Fidel Castro:

All aboard… listen to all that Jazz.

Mean While, Trump,
Time Now along West Houston Street
it’s 13.10 hrs., with a funny French accent on Siren Central Time.

coming up on Spectacles
By Popular request from The Sirens:
The Mooch.

Tonight at 10 on C–SPAN –3.
It’s time for
Anthony Scaramucci in:
El Cernidor… if you can’t find your 3–D goggles you better have your Spectacles ready before  breaking through the strainer.

TimeStamp: 14.Twentyish on Central Siren Time.

BREAKING THE NEWS to Simone Fredericks.

Hessen__Alemania. Los resultados desfavorables para el partido de Angela Merkel (Christlich Demokratische Deutschlands) anuncian la próxima cesantía de uno de los personajes del alter–ego de la presentadora de la BBC Simone Fredericks, la comediante Tracy Ullman.

TimeStamp: 15.20’ish with The Excitements on Central Siren Den… any güey, right now is a Good Day to take full advantage of the 16 hundred hour Liberty Break con la Tia Juana y un tal Cooder.


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