Continued from pg. 16, Introduction to The Soul of America

Season 1, Episode 3:

A tale of a coastal bubble and The New Age of Jackson.

[Cousin Joe does a Brian Williams voice]
— Welcome, bienvenidos to Rocco’s Tacos…
You get a tequila shot; You get a tequila shot; and yes Mika you too may have
a sip of this tiny drop of tequila flavored beer, now go to your corner and zip
your pie-hole we are not on a New York minutes’ dime, this is The South,

Oh, boy. Apparently ms. Pelosi has never dealt with Anabaptists, Menonites and/or the Amish; and that’s only on the Pennsylvanian districts, eh. Don’t go to El Lay, ms. Pelosi, ‘cus you might meet the creepy folks at “Pare de Sufrir” o PEOR; a los de iglesia “La Luz del Mundo”.

[Cousin Joe, now shifts to his ‘normal’ University of Alabama voice]
— But really, in all seriousness, welcome to another edition of:
It’s Misread Quotes from the Very Soul of America, with Jon Meacham.
It’s 5 o’Clock on the p.m. dial in Central NATO Time.
It’s Lucky No. 13 and in 14 days we’ll know on which side of History, the
Soul of America stands.

[frame before the Jazz hour follows]
TimeStamp: 20 para las Siete en Siren Central Time… d’ya want da Funk?

¿Cómo se dice Mastercard®️ en Castellano?  

Que no te haga bobo Donaldo, el logo de la Mastercard©️ no es un  Diagrama de Venn. No, Ma’am that logo is a bio cell illustration and in this context the Mastercard™️ logo is the perfect allegory of how The Biopharmaceutical Wars of 2112 got sparked.  An American Turkey named Donald J. Trump ended gobbling up the discourse at The Forum, and the Alternate–history that follows is not necessarily funny on the way to 2020, should the Blue Wave end up being just another baby swell.

So what you are sayin’ is that Christian beliefs in the South could share a Venn Diagram with the Muslims that Donaldo Trump loves to hate–on? Somebody should make a documentary about that!

… in New York City, TimeNow is 3 0’Clock on the p.m. Dial.

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