Oh, Canada — Oh, Canada… with Maple Higginmuffin

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From the BBC:
MediaWatch with Simone Fredericks.

Everybody kills, says the PUTUS… says the POTUS, how else do you think the Industrial Complex and it’s despots stay in power?… and in Canada; —I’m moving to the CBC.

asegovia3 is pleased to announce
that in order to counter the cockblocky moves from
the U.S.-based anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana,
our staff unanimously agreed to add to our team
our esteemed Canadian colleague,
the Great, Maple Higginmuffin.

♫♫♫ Mama (Canada) don’t let your baby Marihuana Industrial Complex
grow up to be Big Mining Companies…
or woirst Mama (Canada)
Big Pharma Rackets,
or Big Agro Frauds,
or Big Delivery Werehouses
—like AMAZON… fuck AMAZON Mama Canada, fuck AMAZON.

In Good ol’American News 

Rumor has it, that as a very swell fellow called Pompeo was landing in Riyadh, a certain little despot from the house of Saud was depositing A cool $100 million to the U.S. for the pledge that Trump made to provide the bombs to blow up school buses in neighboring Yemen; among other “stabilizing” mesures for the benefit of the Saudi Kingdom, —of course.

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Big Pussy Pompeo, from the house of “don Pompeyo” via the house of Trump.

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