Come together… in Real Time (Revisited) with your host, Alejandro Trebek

Domingo 30 de septiembre_París…
16 hundred hours in Central Siren Time.

… mientras tanto los gift shops de La Casa Blanca, Sarah invoca a un “Philosopher King” at the Rose Garden Terrace on the 18th Hole. Right now, THE SPECTACLE is wisdom. Right now, Reality TV is in control, don’t try to adjust your settings.

… say there, Bill Maher, what a kick-ass gesture you displayed for the base. Steve Bannon, eh, but wit the very “formal name” of Stephen, oh boy!

Say, Billy boy, maybe i missed the episode, but did you —motherfucker— extend the same stage, your stage to Sema?

En Castellano, la frase es “candíl de [HBO]… oscuridad in the Democratic Party. 

The Stroke, in Real Time… }-—-~~~\*> Anygüey, have ewe heard the one about the TUNA Fish, it’s a sham.

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