Manière de V…oir, part II — the left boobie.

TimeStamp: The Jazz Hour in Central Siren Time
Stick around, because it’s another Weekend Edition.

Advertisement… from the innovators over at Solid [maleable] State comes a new way to hum along your favorite LP’s. —Colibri–Fi ®️™️©️ }–—-~~~\*> Colibri–Fi ®️™️©️ wireless systems. Forget Bluetooth, Colibri–Fi ®️™️©️is the way of the new wave of the future.

… previously on asegovia3:
“Everyone deserves a second chance,” even Jane Fonda, but definetly not that Kavanaugh judge, fuck him and the fickle fuck president that nominated him to swing the decisions at the Supreme Court of the U.S., eh!


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