No, Marianne… no me convence — Manière de V…oir

TimeStamp: 19h40 in Central Siren Time…
coming up: las dos caras del cañon.

de un radio de amplitud modulada se escucha
salir la voz de Vin Scully.
It’s the 7–inning stretch and ‘Vinito’ is musing about titties… or something like that.

From the travli’n boobies show… your breast is there como una contestación

Take Jane, please… for example on her Hanoi Tour:

Uso justo de todos los cerillos de París… context follows.

…🎵🎵🎵 buy me some Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes., etc., etc., etcetera.

… now before we [the staff] move on to the next tittie, we’ve got to catch some zzz’s, Coke®️ is low and sleepy keeps knocking on our Doors.

while we [the staff] catch some “zzz’s” here’s The “A” Train on a Purple Line: TimeStamp: past 3 o’Clock on the a.m.

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