16 de septiembre — patrimonio… “a robbery without leaving fingerprints,” o algo así.

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Season Two, episode 2.

TimeStamp: 4:20 pm CET

Ladies in Gemeni,
Please stand, for the following must be read
in a Larry Merchant’s voice:

Max Kellerman’s emotions got the best of him… oh, yes They Did!

On the next episode, retired sports commentator, Larry Merchant breaks down T-Rex’s “Cosmic Dancer” and the importance of Floyd Mayweather in the Drama of Oscar’s teleboxela.

… Next bout in 90 minutes.
In the mean time,
here’s Two Of Us (werewolfs).

… Sir Paul did not specify quienes fueron esas amigas…. or why he dressed in the most necrophiliac fashion.

∴ … we now return to our regular programming, with your host, Larry Merchant.

Dear, Max..
Here’s some vocabulary to match your eagerness to spew your one-sided narrative, except on the 9th round, what a comeback, eh?

… in Hebrew it means: praise him.

The following is an HBO double whammy presentation: Los ojos de Stewart en la voz de Max Keller… sale d’Ay!


TimeStamp: The Jazz Hour… stolen moments.

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