L’agence de voyages Ryan Cruise* propose…props and sets

Rue Saint–Merri
Beaubourg, 75004

Oye Salome, for the record, it is impossible to attach a lock and chain on the big red door* under a rather inconspicuous doppelgänger relief of Baphomet at Saint–Merri parish [casi esquina con l’Ecritoire de Tcha Tcha where We Love le Chant de les Voyelles en la Embajada de Uruguay].

Full disclosure:
Ryan Cruise is a subsidiary of
Condorito Clancy Cruise, LLC.

Props and Sets, just another inconsequential sightseeing experience guided by ex–CIA analyst, Pepe Turner.

Note to editors:
Pepe Turner is portrayed by Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo; and of course, no self respecting sightseeing tour can call itself cosmopolitan if the opening track doesn’t board its guest to the vibes of the following tune:

Press “3” for Spanish.

Just for shits and giggles we [the staff] turned off our mind, relaxed and… jet-streamead between The Potomac and La Seine thanks to an alternating straight binge between installments of Grady’s latest rehash of  “Six days of The Condor” and Clancy’s most recent mutation of “Jack Ryan”, and might we add, that we accomplished that particular brain mushing feat while witnessing a live feed of Henry Kissinger sitting (third row) behind the Secret Service agents of the last three Presidents of the United of America as they were watching an exclusive engagement of “The Maverick”, at the Washington National Cathedral.




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