Dear, Kevin Sieff at El WaPo… it’s 08–hundred hours in CET

Hello, Mr. Sieff, two things:
The first thing relates to autocrats, these assholes, all of’em must be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

… yes, yes—La Frontera méxico–gringa must be the Place. Wait One for Thing TWO—in The “Americas”.

TimeNow, paloma, it’s a quarter after eight in the morning in Central NATO Time… and the following is a Time–Delayed screen–grab made possible by the Mobile Post, —earlier in the programming.

So, Mr. Sieff, “the americas”, eh!
it’s a good thing that America (sin acento)
a.k.a. The United States of America
does not have colonies, —only ‘territories’,
which brings us [the staff] to ponder with the following observation:

Las américas de El WaPo.

Shouldn’t your article, about U.S. passports be tagged, or rather nested under your newspaper’s “National” section instead of publishing it on “The Americas” files?

Perhaps we [the staff] are confused but, your article titled, “U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question” is about U.S. passports, right?

So, Mr. Sieff, why bury this story on an IM•AG•I•NAR•Y continent. Your editors at El WaPo should know, Mr. Sieff, that América is, and it has always been one continent… next thing Ewe know, The Atlantic is going to turn into a magazine and The Nation, of all things into a periodical.

Anygüey, in other nEwes, Cousin Joe has the morning off, apparently he is taking care of Mika’s MK–Ultra “mind control” little piggies, or something like that. One thing is for sure, El WaPo likes to play lip service to the colonial and imperial minds that enjoy ‘drawing lines’ in the sand in order to arrange the geography of an entire continent to suit their needs, and on today’s edition of the Morjo Show,  Mika Brezezinski just shifted an Equinox 23 days early (in EST) and declared August the 31st as the end of the Summer season of 2018… one must really—really—really be on “pig therapy” in order to be conditioned in such a güey, eh!

The Fall is Coming… but not today, Mika—not today.

and another thing Cousin Joe Scarborough: F.U.C.K. college football, if U.S. universities invested the salaries and the funds that go into running a scholastic sport program that makes its players brain dead, on research and investigation, tuitions, and room and board, instead, maybe a God Damned Aspirin®️inside of a U.S. hospital delivery room wouldn’t be in the HUNDREDS of U.S. dollars, and maybe, just maybe [pinche Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump] people along the U.S./Mexico border wouldn’t need to go to a midwife to get their babies delivered… sometimes, Cousin Joe, we [the staff] really—really hate the U.S. of A., and so today we [the staff] will focus our hate and start in alphabetical order: F.U.C.K. A•LA•BA•MA… fuck Alabama all day—and all of the night.

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