Why did you do it?…

Dear, Sirens… context follows, eh.

Higher math: 2 bolas, mas dos Bolas… siguen siendo dos… provided that none of the studs shot a nut off, if one of them did, then in that case the nut count is Three, but the count remains at Two… Viva ZZ Top!

ISSY, it’s always something
at The Top of the 17 hundred hours
in Central Siren Den

Anygüey, doña Charlotte, o mismo —doña Jane:

Nice concept from the nEwes den at fip central station to mask musik on the hourly news track, quite the visual, it reminds me of a recent series that we [the staff] follow, it’s called “Get Shorty” and yes, it’s based on the book that Travolta personified in two sequels.

Here’s the thing, Siren, if Eye, like the Original Paul, should not ever notice, we [the staff] repeat, not ever « notice that the Light had Changed », and make the nEwes, please play a motherfucking Max Roach beat… let us have our CAKE and EAT IT TOO!

TimeStamp: 18h36 in Central Frank Sinatra Time.

Kasie follows… do it again.

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