ParaLelos entre politólog@s

… so, change the name and it all lines up, eh!
Dear, Donald “the cunt” Trump… Ewe sure are a parallel to the “capitalist” president in México that remains in office… with all those “original” ideas you are beginning to sound a lot  like Buzzfeed dot com..,

What’s in a name, eh!?… HOLY FUCK, the Sirens changed the NeWes delivery format! Aleluyah— now it comes with a side dish of instrumental MuSAk… Nemesis, of all themes played at a Quarter to the Jazz Ensamble in  Central Siren Time!

_so Donald:
please be advised that changing the Name of a sealed deal does not change a God Damn Thing en la pizca de la papaya o la cosecha del algodón. No, sir. Decent Wages and Open Borders needs to be redrawn into that tri-lateral deal. Y si no, pues agarren sus putas “Máquilas Golondrinas”, y chingar a su madre a Tennessee, o A la bama… o a Oklahoma, por decir—y remunerenle a esos gringos Three Dollars a day, eh!

[Kasie DC screen grab goes here… please be advised that she looks swell in Black]

PSA… don’t drink and drive. •—_!_—•  The Street is My Gallery.

Up Next: Bobby McGee, but first, here’s facebook strategy for the the coming months:
we (facebook) cannot continue to make the same mistakes—facebook needs to figure out NEW MISTAKES to keep moving forward… oh, the humanity, Alex Stamos*. Oh the humanity on the Kasie DC dial.

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