Sen. Elizabeth Warren vS. Ruthless Capitalism

Dear, Verizon Wireless, we [the staff] hope that your brass is never in need of a “fire–fighting” first responder, but if they ever do become another statistic on the log books of a fire truck or an ambulance on–call, we [the staff] hope that Dispatch has not —we repeat— have not gone over your most “awesome” cell phone plans… please be advised that there is a special place for all Ewe corporate fuckers in Hell.


Today we begin with a bit of Where in The Fuck have EYE seen these ruthless tactics before? Ah, yes! Denver, —of course:

The Beast in the Wireless racket sure has some sweet–sweet lobbyists in Washington D.C.

[Rocky Balboa’s inspirational theme music goes here]

Ladies in Geneni: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones… Cousin Joe had the morning off.

The System is broken. Just what in The Motherfucking Fuck House of the Mother of All cell phone plans does Verizon Wireless thinks that a Fire Department spend their cellular minutes on?

Verizon throttled ‘unlimited’ data of Calif. fire department during Mendocino wildfire”…  Dear, Verizon: Ewe are not the patriots that you want all of your customers to believe in.

Anygüey, come November, we [the staff] hope that America (sin acento) “don’t get fooled again.”

The what?… The Who, that’s who.


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