A tale of Two dailies… part iii

Let’ go Flipping, everybody’ flipping
Come on a Flip Safari with me….

Flippin’… according to people in “the know” over at UrbanDictionary (dot) com, FLIPPIN’ means: “fricken” but for when your parents are around.” Urbandictionary, the peoples’ dictionary, Ewe’all!

Dear, mr. President of the U.S. of A.
With all due respect,
is ‘fiping’ still O.K.?
Or do you want the Jazz hour to also be against the law?

Dear, Donald Trump…

Mr. Macron says that Ewe, of all people, should not be sweating the peoples’ who are flipping you off in EVERY New York MINUTE that goes by, because getting flipped-off in France is what the Frogs call, a “Grand honneur,” and as a matter of fact you should return a thumbs-up for every “Doigt d’honneur”… Seriously, Donald, get with the program—because of more little-shits like your lawyer and other assorted “make america great” campaign sycophants.

The Nix’s Star… “Is it any wonder?” — BOWIE sang it best, FAME.

Anyguey, mr. president, Corporal Stein has got a “warm-and-fuzzy*” — “tricky trump” tale from The Beast especially for your Camp… wait for it, wait!

TimeStamp: Well, mr. president,
it’s almost time for the “Avocado Dance”
on Central Siren Time
which reminds us [the staff]
¡Avocado mis Aguacates!
Quince para las Nueve
in Central NATO Time.

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