Anygüey, Bill Maher, meet “soft shell” Carlson, he invented the Taco Bell and the Del Taco, también.

This of course, is an intermission.

Oh, TacosO’mis Güevos. Uso justo de la gastronomia árabe/nómada, por tradición.

Good God, what a Troll. And Eye can’t believe that UniVision is pitching softballs on the enemy’s territories, because as Ewe all know, the motherfucking “picket fences” are nothing more than invented “territories”, just like the tacos “al pastor” de los libaneses, eh! El Taco, tradición árabe reposada en México gracias a la migración… the more Ewe Know.

The Leningrad Cowboys Go America
an Original appropriation
of The American Dream por un Putin.

Shine on Me“:
at 17 hundred hours in Central NATO Time

Coming Up on the HisStory Channel:
The story of how Manifest Destinty invented
El Son Montuno,
El Mambo,
y —¡ah, pero como no!
La Cumbia y el Cha Cha Cha

… and now: the credits.

The Full Frontal (segment) with Samantha Bee arrives courtesy of The City of Brotherly Love and The Best Barbacoa in the World!; Season 03, Episode 19 on the TBS, or something like that.

ISSY, musical guests
The Sirens del Nopal

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The rest of the Tacos are delivered by some Young Turks in the U.S. of A., and a couple of Frogs from Grenoble, France.

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