Calling Elvis… bring your Pink Cadillac

In the afterlife, The King’s first gig was that of a supermarket meat-cutter, his favorite part of the day was hearing about all the stories that claimed that he was still alive and seen at a truck-stop or at a pastry shop, coincidentally during those years Elvis enjoyed sitting at his throne, during his cigarette and lunch breaks —of course— to read all about his tabloid legacy on the fine pages of the National Enquirer et. al…. Ewe Know: the original Fake News.

Of course Ewe’all know that it was the French who invented, Detriot… of course. Rue Rivoli, 17 de agosto, 2018. TimeNow: 18h45 in CET…

TimeStamp: 16h45
in Central Siren Time
we’re back!!!

As the years and technologies went by Elvis grew tired of theclean-up on aisle one” announcements and the ever present ‘roll-back’ smiley faces of the new owners of the mom-and-pop supermarket that he was assigned to spend eternity at; a company by the name of Sam’s, or Walmart, or something like that arrived.

_ the announcement made the cut for the programming on account of the upcoming death anniversary of The King of rock–and–roll, and so this is where August 16th comes in. Just the facts for a Friday night, Ma’am.

Still, even with all of the pull, and all of the power that being the King of motherfucking rock and roll might have afforded Elvis Aaron Presley, he still had to put up with all of the red-tape involved in permits, not to mention, the Rite of Passages involved in every trade.

For instance, Elvis original request to cut the strings from the supermarket industry was in the mid 1980’s after he had requested a spot in the trucking trade, but Hell, he was told, was not a place to enjoy your previous passions, King or Not!

It wasn’t until the arrival of peer-to-peer enterprises that The King saw an opportunity to dump the supermarket scene and venture into the ride-sharing transportation networks that began to sprout at the turn of the first decade of the second millennium, After Baby Jesus was born, —of course.

Yesterday, August 16 of 2018 A.D., Elvis had a break when he was asked if he still had that Pink Cadillac in working order and if he was willing to take a ride on the Freeway of Love and chauffeur THE QUEEN OF SOUL… some guy named Otis Redding was footing the bill.

“I’d knew you’d be a vision in white…

how d’ya get your pants so tight?”

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