The Gipper never met an African wall–climbing immigrant in France… Dear, Cousin, Joe (Scarborough), part iii

Zero Hour
with “The Man of Constant Sorrow”
in Central Europe Time

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Let’s play Hard Ball!

Hey, Cousin Joe, Eye really love seeing you get all warm and fuzzy about the man whose very economic policies of the 1980’s made it a possibility for assholes like Donald J. Trump to thrive in a dog–eat–dog world, sure he made Amnesty for millions happen, but then again, it was in tandem with an illegal war that armed the Vice-president’s enemy (Saddam Hussein) to the teeth, made of crack cocaine (an American Original) all the RAGE in South Central L. A., and actually planted the seeds that rooted into what would become “La Mara Salvatrucha” (opposite to the 18th Street gang in Los Ángeles).

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