Intermedio — You can go to New Orleans but

don’t play me no Frenchman St. Blues.

[Laughter track]… and then the 40th President of The United States of America continues with Friday morning’s opening Zinger track on MORNING JOE… “Does anybody remember Laughter? ¿Does anybody remember when the MorJo Show would open with a Zeppelin song? Gee–Whizz, Willie Geist! How’bout bringing back those dancing days  again!

… [“The Great Communicator” continues with his speech]

— Ronald W. Reagan:

It was stated best in a letter I received not long ago. A man wrote me and said: “You can go to live in France, but you cannot become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Germany or Turkey or Japan, but you cannot become a German, a Turk, or a Japanese. But anyone, from any corner of the Earth, can come to live in America and become an American.

[Sounds of White Noise ###]

… and then, Hurricane Katrina happened
and The White House forgot about Louisiana,
Fast–forward to Puerto Rico 2017.

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