Original Sin (1985) — NAGASAKI did Nothing Wrong

Sadly, Nagasaki didn’t have an Eiffel Tower, or a Louvre, or… a love for Pappi Jazz or Glenn ‘motherfucking’ Miller’s “mood’s” for sippin’ on Rhum and Coca Cola®️ for that ‘split matter’, —no. So, that motherfucking city, had to go, after All when all is Said and Done, the ‘motherfucking’ WAR pigs, had—and remain with the Power.

… “2 minutes to midnight” — “Thank God for The Bomb”.

So, on a day like today, years after Moe Berg’s gut feeling suggested to the U.S. intelligence agencies that the head physicist honcho at Third Reich was not developing a “Fat Man” and a “Little Boy” for Hitler, good ol’ Harry Truman was given the green light to vaporize and sizzle a whole bunch of Japanese people, apparently, to not let a ‘good’ bomb go to waste.

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Eye See French People

Place Igor Stravinsky, Beaubourg, 75003 for the occasion of the Eve of Nagasaki’s most notable moment in time. •_!_•  Green goo added by Staff.

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« Tell me something Eye don’t Know », Chris Mathews?

TimeStamp: 01:55 hours in CET

“A–bombs” for nothing
… if you are a U.S. or Allied Forces War Veteran of the Great War in which John Wayne didn’t participate, let it be known that General Chris Matthews is out on leave, and that the Veterans Administration “contracts”* are being DEALT BY THREE FUCKERS OUT OF THE little president of the United States low class golf club in La “puta” Florida.

The Ultimate Racket: Mar–a–Lago.

Freedom, ¡mis pelotas!

The A-Bomb was dropped to ensure that in the final days of the World as we knew it, the system would work in favor of speculators and the Military Industrial Complex; but guess what Steve Kornaki, we’ve been telling Cousin Joe that we [the staff] knew about that racket since the 9th grade; that’s why we, [the staff] got a « b » in His Story… the history teacher was a big fan of « The Duke »… the “White” Duke, not the Duke that got on board “The A Train”.

FUCK John Wayne…

… this is a time-delayed entry del miércoles, 8 de agosto del 2018.

Gee-whiz, Rachel Maddow, thanks for the cherry-on-top.

Oh, Happy Days! When a CROOK resigns.

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