Viernes 13 de julio, 2018

Freddy can try, but be advised that fully awake “el agua” le hace a Jason lo que una Meadalo que Meade le hizo a AMLO.

It’s Weekend Edition…

— Despenalización del aborto
— Despenalización de la mota
— … reforma energética y Nuevo Aeropuerto supuestamente siguen con el plan ya trazado.
—… ¿y la reforma educativa? esa queda por definir; por mientras, AMLO se toma tres días de descanso para ver el desfile de La Marsellesa (por televisión) y luego un partido de fútbol.

Cousin Joe también se tomó tres días de asueto,
sin Embargo,
Dice Mand…zukic
¡que Chingues a Tu Madre!!!
¡Ha, Ja, Ha!

The Big Kat is in and now that the British lads are out of the picture; until tomorrow, anygüey, when they play for bragging rights agaist Russia, she is going to narrate the tale of the tape of the one–on–one between the American bitch (Donald Trump) and his handler, and later on the programming, BABY TRUMP serenades Mika Brzezinski while Joe is away.

So stick around, because EWE WERE ALWAYS ON MY MIND with a helium infused Donald Trump voice follows; it’s the funniest SPECTACLE in the World.

TimeStamp: 12h20

су́ка [ˈsukə] “bitch
            … (SOO-ka)
This word translates to “bitch, slut.” It may be used for female dogs, women, [f]or even men! There is also the diminutive form, су́чка, which has the same meaning. You can also call a man “son of a bitch” with: су́кин сын.
Закро́й свой рот, су́ка! Shut your mouth, bitch!note from Fenster the Copy Editor, the bracket emphasis is ours, not from the Russian Blog,eh.

TimeStamp: 14 hours in Central NATO Time.

… Stick around,
‘cus… we’ll be right back.
we need 2-relax-a-bit.

Russian Cusswords are courtesy of the Whole Wide World of WordPress:


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