Sur Les Jupes de Dominique Pasquier… DEBASER*

*  Got me a movie
I want you to know
Slicing up eyeballs
I want you to know…

The Three is Out of The Box… and so is the Cat because that motherfucker knows where it’s at… like this particular frame that we [the staff**] stumbled upon a few days before AMLO won in a very “Reaganesque” way on the electoral map of the United States of Mexico… last week (on Thursday night) Donald Trump went on a MASTURBATION TOUR in GREAT FALLS (of all places) MONTANA, where the populist fascist–in–Chief had yet another opportunity to distort the truth with regards to his ELECTORAL COLLEGE victory in 2016. Our guess [here at staff] is that FASCIST DON got a hold of the 2018 Presidential Election results in graphic form and he probably thought that he could get away with GOEBBLING the results of the Mexican election to his benefit in an anecdotal form. •—_!_—•  FOR THE RECORD: Donald J. Trump won with a NEGATIVE MARGIN, of NEGATIVE 2.9 million votes; whereas his future Mexican counterpart was up 5.4 million votes against three candidates. Donald Trump is a fucking lying facsist playing the “repeat a lie long enough”, an Stupid Americans will FALL FOR IT.

   Don’t try        to adjust     your settings

Blurry—Clear… DON AND MEL
*Girlie so groovy—I want you to know
Don’t know about you—But I am un Chien Andalusia
sources follow. HEY! It’s GIGANTIC… everything is gonna burn… i’ll get my turn.

Les Jugements Profanes En Ligne
Sous Le Regard Des Sciences Sociales,
by Dominique PASQUIER:

Pg. 16… Los mecanismos de la influencia en línea y la problematica de la confianza:

from word of mouth to word of mouse [and vice-versa**].

RESEAUX, janvier – février 2014
Éditions La Découverte, Paris, 2014
… paid for by the CNRS.

…TimeStamp: *6—on the pm in CENTRAL NATO Time / *then God is 7… when Jazz plays tonight.

*Wanna grow up to be
Be a debaser

* equals the PIXIES
“Debaser” in Doolittle

** equals [an aside from the staff]
in Real Time, ¡putos!

  1. Pasquier, D.,Les jugements profanes en ligne sous le regard des sciences sociales. ISBN : 9782707178398; Ed. La Découverte, Paris. 2014.
  2. Tacchi, F., Histoire Illustrée du FASCISME. ISBN 2-84459-072-1; Ed. Giunti Gruppo Editoriale, Florence. 2000.

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