#Beyond100Days with a Grumpy Cat and a Tied Duck

Coming up on the BBC with the Big Kat and a Brit with a tie: The first round of a battle for a boundless and untied internet is over, however, as Brit with a tie put it on today’s Beyond 100 Days, « the issue will probably be back (after the Summer break) in September ».

⇑ Of course Ewe’all know that the above ⇑ es un uso justo de todos los Reddits, y los primos y primas de Teeny Tiny Cat. •–_!_–• Screen capture is courtesy of JULIEEEA via:  /r/thisismylifenow

Also, the Siren Den just reminded unrestrained lovers of a free (and irreverent) press that « Le Canard enchaîné » turned 102, Ewe know, right up there in the Generational timetable of the oldest War Veteran in the U.S.

TimeStamp: 21 hundred hours

A kiss of honey. }-—–~~~\*>  TimeStamp: 23h45 in Central NATO time, o un cuarto for International Kissing Day, according to the Siren Den; y por eso, « Here’s looking at you », one kiss for each of Your Tails… and here’s for hoping that your Heineys  taste “sweeter than wine”.


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