#Beyond100Days… with the Big Kat and some Brit with a tie

In Between Days…

Ladies in Gemeni… The BBC in France. In direct from el Beaubourg casi esquina con Châtelet. SDF 75000

Ladies in Gemeni… The BBC in France. En directo desde El Beaubourg Bistro and PUBLIC INFORMATION LIBRARY casi esquina con Châtelet.Well, she does have a point, “there is no game and, it is the 4th of July,” so a mojito would be a nice gesture from your boss. This of course within the context of EPA Tsar, Scott Pruett and his extravagant spending on the tax payers dime… an “alternative theory” from the Brit with a tie is that he (Pruett) puts the double “ee” in DIVA.

It came to me… not really, Big Kat, Nicaragua has been on the back burner, we [the staff] were just waiting for the result of the Mexican presidential election to follow up with a segue— JSTOR CAN LICK THE STAFF’s BALLS, and yes, Big Kat, context follows; one thing though, Ewe must read this in a Rachel Maddow’s voice.

In other news, Daniel Ortega and his diva of a wife are about to experience a Coup… or something like that. We [the staff] are not clear if it will be a “Palace Coup” or a full–blown overthrow “Reform Coup”.

… for the   unInitiated

diagram table graphic follows

Las Grandes Copas… i, armando segovia, disagree with Brit with a tie, The Big Kat is covering the cups that matter; NICARAGUA, being on of ´em–fish_and_chips, however she does need to bring in the big Event in The CONGO. — CHEERioos.. or something like that!… source follows, the cutline writer needs to take a piss, Ewe’all. 

Still to come… Thing One: the Big Kat is looking forward to the Harry Potter vS Pippy Long Stocking, fútbol knock out round; and Thing Two, White Nose Bats, and no, Cousin Joe, it is not that kind of white, but a fungus that apparently started spreading out of New York, “alternative theories” suggest that the epidemic broke-out from the blood suckers that hoover around Trump Tower, and yes, Willie Geist—Ewe— do know that the good thing about bats is that their favorite food group includes mosquitos. IF SCOTT PRUETT WAS DOING HIS FUCKING JOB, instead of running logistics on how to get a hold od “DEEVA Grade” mosturizing lotion, maybe—just maybe, the bat population in Pennsilvanyia would not be dwindling down.

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… ahhh, man Eye think that clock is slow.

… still to come:


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