La Maman et La Putain… Les portes sont ouvertes

ISSY—SNL might be off for the Summer, but this doesn’t mean that Weekend Edition is off the Radar, stick around, in ‘The Blink of an Eye‘ a beautiful freak in the form of a gang of EELS is a-Gonna make “Your Lucky Day in Hell

TimeStamp: Los Marietta‘s on Fip Central Station, give Thanks to Satan… or something like that.

Yes indeed—YES INDEED! Bambi is Dead _ Teeny Tiny Cat is Relieved. •-_¡_–• We [the staff] are at ‘monop central’ and we continue with our Full Dress Rehersal for the pomp and circumstance award ceremony in honor of Teeny Tiny Cat for standing The Post, until properly being relieved, Yes indeed. Bambi is Dead!… Fair use of Getty Images and the AFP… todas las fotos en el cuadro por: armando segovia.

…TimeStamp: Las Ocho de la noche en Tiempos de La Europa Central.

Coming up on the programiing is Gallery Walk… the doors are open, eh!

De tal rama tal batuta… astilla, tal astilla, porque la batuta es otra cosa.

Anygüey, we [the staff]are still recovering fron ‘The Night at The Museum’ and already tomorrow and Sunday every artist workshop and gallery on la Île-de–France leaves their doors open to the viewing public.Right now, ‘monop central’is about to shut it’s doors and outside it is raining cats’s and dogs.

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