Meanwhile back at the Bill Maher Ranch… it’s season 16, Episode 13 of EMPIRE

Hey there Rachel Maddow, we [the staff] saw that Ewe made the NEWS like On The Night Before—YEA!!! do say hello to the former Atty. General Holder, because context for them Aspersions on his Asparagus are about to follow… HAPPY MAY DAY, you former socialist progressive —Ewe!

Coming up on the Programming
It’s Bill Maher’s Original Ideota
straight from the pages of L’OIGNON :
Gee Whiz…Louie G…
what a concept, eh
! John Heilemann.

Real Time with Roseanne Barr — season one

The Güero looking at Bill’O on the frame above is a fellow named Ronan Farrow, he’s the Thirty year-old who broke the bond between Ben Affleck and a Harvey who makes Waffles… or something like that! he argues that the problem with the U.S. right now is that the Pentagon, not the State Department is calling the Shots, and those fuckers are thinking tactically, o sea pinche Brozo, en el puto Corto Plazo—not on the motherfucking long term strategy, which at the rate that the planet is deteriorating they should be focus on, por decir, on sustainability and peace… or something like that.

Real Time with Roseanne Barr, season Two.

And now… the one and only and our former morning crush: Raquelito Maddowoski:

Fake liberal news with some Maher, dude… or something someone like that. }—~~~~\*> Fair use of HBO… hey, there HOBO HUMPING SLOVO, BABE — First Lady! Stay aGüey with Ewe’r GÜEY, eh… We [the Staff] Screen-Grabbed Raquelito, first.

y para muestra un botón:

Flashback to Consuelo Velázquez: What a difference a day makes, en Inglés…

“Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head”… then realized that in Europe there is no NPR… and that’s the reason, according to Bill Maher, why —je suis chauve!

4,3,2,1. Source follows:

From The Onion pressroom: This is The War on Bill, Report, with your Pacifica Radio host with the least support, but with most soul: Amy Goodman! }-—-~~~\*> PACIFICA RADIO, Listen to it, if you can. Support it, if you can afford a $3000 U.S. Dollar Bong, you prick!

… en Tijuana, pinche Brozo, son las 11 de la mañana—güey!

Hey, Mika—This one’s for Ewe! •—_¡_—•  RUSHed 4 U at: 2112 in Central Siren Time… sometimes they just call, and i cannot —or is it can’t— help it.

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