Day THREE — Last Weekend Tonight, eh!

Top TenDance:
there is no antidote to get you out of my mind… or Silence them Voices inside my Head, eh.

Context follows, right now! Gotta–take–ª–Nap, eh…


… and, We [the staff] are up!

We can’t remember if we’re supposed to be going to a Moonage Kingdom—or, to a Moonage Daydream, eh! In any case we[the staff] gotta do LastWeekEndTonight.

AnyGüey Charm Offensive visits La Chambre de Columbia à Washington ce soir. Viva Lafayette! And, oh By The Güey, Hallie Jackson—Arnold Corns, said Hello! Eh. TimeStamp: the Third Quarter before La Après Midi in Angela Merkel’s Time.

!Brozo!!! Chingas a tu Madre, güey! Ha—ja__Ha!!!… ¿recuerdas a Justin y las senadoras, y a una reportera? Bueno, pues, Cabrón, nosogros aquí en el Staff queríamos meterte esta primera plana el pasado lunes de lunnettas—netta—que Oüï… pero una puta Van Banca nos hizo meter un cuadro negro instead—Ewe, fucking clown know what we mean? Si no, pues ahorita aquí abajo te meto el  rollo, ¡eh!.

Fuck it! while E-france shakes Trump’s jerk-off tool , we seek inspiration on the 6th, eh!… TimeStamp: 12h30, Mika… Ewe, hear?

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