Intermedio… or Something like that, eh!

« What a palette for Palatino », eh!*

*As heard on…

OTRO NIVEL: brown sugar, baby!

Floating High!… LAYLA, Who?

anyGüey… « it’s like that, and that’s the way that it GOes! »


Right NOW, radio france internationale IS CLOSING la canopèe for a francoPHONIE event… or SOMETHING like that… outsiders NEED not APPLY! Eh!!!

… La francophonie es para los franceses… or SOMETHING like THAT! Eh… We [the staff] love La France, but when a « badge » is needed to belong, or just be part of THE AUDIENCE then the SHOW is nothing but A FARCE! Eh.

… coming up, The Jazz Hour, or Something Like That, eh!


In the Mean Time… first thing is FIRST!

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