La Matraca y Los Toletes en La Sorbonne, Via Tolbiac

Good afternoon, today it’s Wednesday, April 11th of 2018… [ScreenGrabs Follow]

“Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name!”… TRS.

In Washington, Cousin Joe remains under the effects of la Cruda de Ayer…

Meanwhile, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the same city, Donald J. Trump is inching more and more on wanting to become a fucking dictator thinking that he has the Authority to fire the Special Council (Robert Muller) charged with investigating his Nixonian criminality. Say what you will, Willie Geist, but way back in 2016 we [the staff] told you so, but you fuckers [wanted Hillary in the White House] instead you’ve got a cheap Elvis in the Shitter impersonator…

Fuck BiBi and Donald, fuck’em in the ass.

In Israel, the Government –there– admitted that a Sniper shot a Palestinian near the Border… and a fellow spotter for the Sniper celebrated and laughed about that most illegal engagement, it’s like WHAT COULD GO WRONG WITH TROOPS ON THE BORDER with Mexico, it’s not like the Border Guards have stepped their authority before and gone AVOBE AND BEYOND the CALL of DUTY to SHOOT a person across the Border before… Context and reference follows.

In México, Media Darling, and MSNBC / Real Time With Bill Maher “AMIGO” , Vicente Fox claims that his presidential pension is what is keeping him from Stealing… like the current PRESIDENT, which he gracefully endorsed back in 2012.

Relapso a la “Ley de Hidalgo”… porque si hay algo certero es de que a un político pobre no le salen, pues no le salen bien las selfies, —al pobre. }—~~~\*>  Uso justo de todos los medios, y los engaños del Chupacabras.

Which brings us back to LA FRANCE where former president François Holland is publishing his “presidential” MEMOIRES, the STAFF HERE, especially FENSTER the Copy Editor can’t wait to read about his endorsement for the most corrupt president on the Latin American Block of the OCDE… We [the Staff really can’t wait to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with your book, Sir].

Six Degrees to get to Hollande… Uso Justo de La Semana Que Phillipe Labró.

Meanwhile, at La Cathedral de Notre Dame des Landes, the Current President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron is trying to integrate the Church back into the State… or something like that, something which by the way, was experimented first with Enrique Peña Nieto, during the failedYear of Mexico in France,” when the Mexican Embassy got in Bed With el Cardenal protector de pedófilios, mi paisano Norberto Rivera.

All Screen Grabs are courtesy of La Semana Que Philippe Labró en CNEWS MATIN… WHO GIVES A FUCK if I DIE ALONE!… at 17H55 in CENTRAL SIREN Time!

So in recap, might president Macron be following the Mexican templete of REFORMS… Education [check], Laicism [check], Privatization of key National Industries and or Services [check]…

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